perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

Box of Mirrors

I've had a funny day. I started working on the exams after 5 pm (16:00). I made the whole dance choreography in two hours. I played the viola piece five or six times. I sung Live forever three times. I talked my monologue through and thought about the action in it. It's harder than it sounds.

Someday when I was looking at photos on the Internet I saw pictures that some photographer had taken. He had put a camera inside a box of mirrors. I did that too. My box's walls weren't straight so the result wasn't what I had expected but I had fun and the photos were actually quite nice.

Here's a few poems from J:

Sataa lunta
puhtaan valkoista
haluaisin itkeä
sillä lumi on kaunista
sinä olet kaunis
olet kauniimpi kuin
kädelleni putoavat tähdet
ajattelen sinua
ja itken
tuntuu kuin siitä olisi ikuisuus
kun suutelimme viimeksi
tuntuu kuin siitä olisi ikuisuus
kun tunsin kosketuksesi
ja minä kaipaan sinua, lämpöäsi
kaipaan sinua ja haluan luoksesi

It's snowing
snow is pure white
I'd want to cry
because the snow is beautiful
you're beautiful
more beautiful than
the stars that are falling onto my hand
I'm thinking of you
and crying
it feels like eternity
when we kissed last time
it feels like eternity
when I felt your touch
and I miss you, your warmth
I miss you and I wanna be there with you

I'm always there
in your heart
I'm always there
giving my love to you
I'm always there
so don't be sad
even when you can't see me
I'm there telling you
to be strong
I'm there
'coz you are my life my love my soul
I love you so stay strong.

The meaning of "forever alone".

This is the box ;)

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