torstai 10. lokakuuta 2013

On the brink of winter

If somebody tells you not to burden your foot when it's hurt, believe them. Especially if she's a nurse. I didn't listen to our school nurse and went jogging instead... My foot hurt yesterday so much I couldn't walk properly. But jogging was fun. It was evening and very dark and rainy. I jogged about two miles and almost half a mile of it was in a dark forest. I couldn't see almost anything except for the yellow leaves on the ground. It was scary but cool at the same time.

On the brink of winter

Little paranoid girl
sleeps in the forest
friend of the wolves
self-hatred piling on her head
like the yellow leaves
that are burying
her fragile body
in the night
when she sleeps
alone and cold
she can't find anyone she could trust
scared and lost
in the depths of depression
she runs
and tries to escape from the world
can't forget anything
they said to her
when they fooled around
not knowing how
it broke her
She's running away from everything.

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