keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2013

"your first 10 000 photos are your worst"

Tänään vain kuvia. En jaksa kirjoittaa koska tänään ei tapahtunut mitään erikoista. Olin koulussa, söin ja tulin kotiin... Ainoa mainitsemisen arvoinen asia, jota en ole vielä sanonut, on se, että J on koko viikon lomalla Itä-Suomessa, eli vielä kaksi päivää. Eikä se ole kivaa.

Today there's only photos. I won't write anything special because today nothing special happened. I was at school, ate and got home... Only thing worth saying I haven't said before is the fact J's on vacation a whole week in Eastern Finland, she comes home on Friday.

And now, photos of J.

When I'm looking through all this photos of her (there's not much of them, just a few hundred) and she's not here... It's sad... Because I haven't seen her since Friday at school and we hadn't time to say goodbye.

 I don't have much photos of anybody. The most photos I've taken of one person in one day was little over three hundred (and that person wasn't J). And it's not much. Anybody who has taken few more than seventeen and maybe less than three thousand photos with a system camera (I'm not sure about that word, I mean a camera that is something like this) knows how hard it is to get even one good photo of anything if you don't know what is the story of the photo. When you know what you want to say with a photo I don't find it less complicated to do it right. You have to take at least four photos of one position (that's if you're photographing people, I don't know about landscape or plants or animals or anything like that...) and still it might be that you can't get it right, the way you saw it in your head. I don't know about anyone else but that's how I do it.

One of the hardest thing about photographing people (well, I've lately taken photos of only one person but still) is the clothing. Sometimes when I find a nice text or lyrics I have a picture in my mind and I want to take a photo of it. It would be great to be able to take photos of the pictures in my mind, I could be able to see how the characters in my stories look like... And I almost never have the real clothes... I would need a simple white one piece dress, or couple of them from different lengths and materials. I think white is a lovely color when it comes to dresses. Black is too and so are some shades of blue, green, violet and grey. I don't much like warm colors like yellow and orange and to some extent I hate red. Except in shoe laces. I had one pair of red shoe laces in black shoes but I'm not sure where they are now...

These photos are from the four different photoshoots I've had with J. We haven't had time to take pictures since November... I would have liked to have one photoshoot with lots of snow on the ground but now it's melting... :(

I wish that spring would come quicker. Then maybe I could go to Ruissalo or somewhere else with J and take lots of photos. I don't have enough photos of her... And I'm not yet a good photographer (if I am a photographer) like someone famous photographer (sorry I can't remember his name...) said: "your first 10 000 photos are your worst". And I don't think I have yet taken even 5000 photos. It's still a long way to go... But I'm happy to go that way. I think I'm all the time making progress in becoming an artist... Closer to my dream.

(anteeksi että kirjoitin vain alun suomeksi, tuntui siltä, että pitäisi harjoitella englantiakin joskus... ja saatte tekin harjoitusta ;3)

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