maanantai 1. huhtikuuta 2013

An instant's overture that echoes in the distance

 Yritin lukea psykologian kokeeseen, joten tuli valokuvattua tänään ja eilen illalla piirrettyä. Kumma miten inspiraatioita riittää kun koe on tulossa... Ja tänään piirroksia sille ehkä yhdelle joka on osannut odottaa niitä (en tosin muista lupasinko laittaa niitä tänne mutta tässä muutama). Sekä muutamia kuvia tältä päivältä ;)

 Because I tried to read psychology (we have the test on Wednesday) I had time to take photos today and draw last night. It's strange how inspiring these kind of situations are... And today some drawings and few photos from today when I took a half-hour walk ;)

Which one of these two do you think is better? ;)

I draw this the day before yesterday... Not completely from my mind, I had a model for that position...

 Both my sisters said that this could be me and J if I had longer hair and we had tails and cat ears...

This one's from the window of my (and my little sister's) room. We have quite old windows. I think they're at least 60 years old.... (This house is that old... I think?)

The sky... is blue...

"The Funeral"
(a character from one of my stories. I like drawing her the most of all, maybe...)

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