tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Sometimes the person who gives you your first kiss is the one you're destined to be, right?

Today's too hot to my liking. But the wind is great. I love wind so much. And rain and snow and almost everything that grows and butterflies and music and J. And photographing and drawing and theater and so on... Today's been a good day. Yesterday I got to bed so early (at 10 pm) I couldn't sleep so I draw for an hour. I drew two pictures... Nothing fancy. I can't draw anything cool or anything like that...

 I found A3- size sheets somewhere and I just love them. That size is perfect for me. I've had A5- and A4- size sheets before and they're just too small for me. In school (maths and Swedish and English classes mostly) I drew a big picture on J's desk and we had to erase it. It was a shame.

I'd like to fill a huge white room's every surface with pictures. That would be just awesome. But I don't have one. And I can't draw pretty well, so... But I went outside barefoot and took a few photos of our cherry tree! And I suppose I'm in a hurry but who cares ;)

“Don't believe you're better than me
My girl is mine
Can't you see she's loving just me
It's obvious you cannot win with me” (Sunrise Avenue, My Girl Is Mine)

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